Cambridge Economic Research

High Speed Rail

Cambridge Economic Research has been planning and evaluating the impacts of public transit systems for over twenty years. Past projects encompass light rail, commuter rail,  Amtrak service, trolley, bus, and most recently, high speed rail.

Representative Projects include:



Impact of High Speed Rail on Four US Cities | US Conference of Mayors

Analysis of the local economic development impacts and opportunities associated with development of high speed rail (HSR) service to Chicago, New York, Orlando, and Los Angeles.



Economic Impacts of Downeaster Commuter Train | Maine DOT

Economic and Fiscal Analysis of the Impacts of a commuter rail service linking Boston with Portland, ME



Economic Impacts of Lowell Trolley | Nelson-Nygaard

Assessment of jobs and new development projects that will be created by the new Lowell Trolley linking the train station with the historic district and the University.



Tren Urbano Transit, San Juan, PR | Cambridge Systematics

Analysis of Land Use Impacts of a new transit line on sites in the vicinity of planned light rail stations.