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Cambridge Economic Research (CER) is a consulting firm providing quality research and advisory services in economic development, real estate analysis, and transportation planning. For over twenty years, we have contributed leading edge advice to guide major public and private investment decisions.

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Intermodal Facilities

The dynamic growth in international trade over the past twenty years has opened new trade routes that are most efficiently served by multiple modes of transportation. Future strategies for economic development must incorporate intermodal facilities for multi-modal transfer of international and long distance cargos. Well located intermodal facilities are essential to maintain regional competitiveness for investment by the growing logistics industry.

Cambridge Economic Research is a leader in feasibility analysis and evaluation of investments in intermodal facilities for economic development & diversification. Cambridge Economic Research looks at the land use and the economic impacts of intermodal facilities designed to capture a portion of the growing international trade market.

Land use and economic impact evaluation studies have been undertaken on these intermodal terminals:



Logistics Park Chicago Elwood, IL | National Academy of Sciences

Evaluation of economic impacts of BNSF’s Logistics Park Chicago, a multi-modal facility with intermodal container and automobile lifts and transload operations.



Alliance Logistics Park Fort Worth, TX | SHRP

Assessment of jobs and taxes emanating from what is adknowleged as the mother of all logistics park, developed by Perot Enterprises.



Bayport Intermodal Terminal Dallas, TX | EDR Group

Economic Impact evaluation of the expansion of Bayport intermodal terminal in Dallas.



UP Global III Rochelle, IL

Evaluation of the performance of UP’s Global III park in Rochelle, IL, at the edge of Chicago’s western commercial frontier.



Fairburn CSX Yard Atlanta, GA

Analysis of the impacts of Fairburn CSX IM facility, which has brought 1500 jobs to Fairburn, in Atlanta’s southern suburbs.


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